The Chairman’s Award

In 2021 we initiated The Chairman’s Award. This award is presented at the Chairman’s discretion to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the club.

This magnificent shield has been lovingly crafted out of a single piece of wood by our very own Matt Clayton.

In its first year the Chairman’s Award was presented to Paul Russell. Paul joined the committee as Press Liaison, writing articles about Doddler activities and events in local publications and on social media. He has since taken on numerous roles within the club, including Stur Half Race Director, Couch to 5K (C25K) leader, Stur 5 Race Director, John Deacon Race Director and leads the weekly winter Shaftesbury Hills training session. It’s a long list, especially when you realise, he undertook all of these roles in 2020 – 2021.

In November Paul passed his EA Coach in Running Fitness (CIRF) assessment, making him our latest qualified and licensed EA Coach. Congratulations to Paul. This is a truly outstanding contribution to our club and this award is not only very much deserved, but also comes with a huge thank you from the entire committee.

The Dodo Award

In 2021 we reintroduced The Dodo Award – an award that used to be presented to a member who at some point during the year has behaved in what maybe deemed “out of character”. Not sure why it hasn’t been awarded every year, so it’s back!

And to celebrate it’s return Matt Clayton has lovingly crafted a unique trophy in the form of said Dodo. We’re not sure if this one was carved from a single piece of wood, and some of the detail is perhaps questionable but we love it, thanks Matt.

In its first year we had numerous nominations for the Dodo Award, including:

  1. Stuart Martin for getting hopelessly lost on Leg 11 of Wessex Ridgeway Relay, there were reports of him running off route along a road, but on arrival at the change-over point he was in denial about actually getting lost,
  2. On the same theme, Peter Waterer who only ran once this year and got lost in the first mile at Rushmoor Estate summer run, well done Peter but we hope you join us to run a few more next summer,
  3. John Townsend for his bright / colourful compression socks, and I have to say, his shirts also deserve a mention,
  4. Lee Collier for entering and bragging on Facebook about winning kids races, they may not actually be kids races but his achievements stood out when for example, he won the Crafty Cub being at least a foot taller than his competitors.
  5. Lynda Faulkner for being late for the summer run in Blandford that she organised. It was pouring with rain so everyone had to shelter in the supermarket trolley store waiting for her. She even called ahead to try and encourage us to start the run without her. We’re not suggesting she was trying to get out of running in the pouring rain but that longing gaze at the nearby pub that gave her away.

And the winning nomination, more deserving of the Dodo award than all the other nominations was Dave Jackson for being Chairman for 2 years and only attending 1 physical committee meeting and then for missing the AGM after rather carelessly catching Covid. Well done Dave, enjoy your award and the box of beer that accompanied it.