2023 runs

RUN 26 – 16th August

Tim Cotton organised a run from Gold Hill Organic Farm in Child Okeford, eating afterwards at the Saxon.

RUN 23 – 29th August

Thank you Lynda for organising a brilliant run plus a delicious meal at Smiths, at Steeptonbill Farm Shop in Milton Abbas DT11 0BZ.

RUN 22 – 22nd August

Great run organised by Josephine Child from The Talbot inn, Berwick St John. Beautiful views and a great turn out, thank you Jo

RUN 21 – 15th August

Thanks to Nick Summons for organising a great run from Martin Down Nature Reserve off the Blandford Salisbury Road. Followed by a picnic for a few.

RUN 20 – 8th August

Damian organised a brilliant run/walk from the Fontmell pub in Fontmell. Thank you Damian, great food!

RUN 19 – 1st August

Tuesday’s summer run, organised by Matt was from Tyneham, an enjoyable run but it did get a little wet!

RUN 18 – 25th July

Thank you to Ines and Martin for organising a great run from the Royal Oak in Swallowcliffe.

RUN 17 – 18th July

Thank you Adam and Angela for a great evening.

RUN 16 – 11th July

Thank you to Wendy and Ines for organising a lovely run and walk from Wendy’s Farm near Semley. We did see Alpacas, and baby Alpacas too!

RUN 15 – 4th July

A sincere Thank You to everyone who braved the downpour and travelled to Studland for the summer run this evening. The rain did stop for the virtuous few and the views opened out from the top of the heath making it all worthwhile. 

Pat was a solo walker but soon found company amongst some rugby players training on the beach. 

Happy Days!

RUN 14 – 27th June

Thank you to Nick for organising his very first Summer run and also brand new route and pub.

RUN 13 – 20th June

Thank you Dave for organising a lovely run/walk from the Square & Compass pub in Worth Mattravers.


RUN 12 – 13th June – We ventured over the border in to Mere, Wiltshire for Dave Jacksons run this week. Followed by a meal at the Walnut tree. It was a beautiful place to run, thank you Dave.

RUN 11 – 6th June

RUN 10 – 30th May

Thank you Carlos for a lovely run from Okeford Hill, followed by a (very cold) picnic!

RUN 9 – 23rd May

Thank you Neil for another great run from Charlton Horethorne.

RUN 8 – 16th May

Thank you to Shams for another really good Summer Run from Shaftesbury.

RUN 7 – 9th May

Another amazing turnout for this evenings summer run from Stourpaine with some nice hilly routes. Despite the rain holding off some still managed to get a soaking!! Good food and company at the pub afterwards as well. Thanks all for running

RUN 6 – 2nd May

Great turnout again, thank you to Emma and Ruth for organising last nights Summer run.

RUN 5 – 25th APRIL

Thank you to Angela for organising from The Fiddleford on Tuesday 25th April. Great run, brilliant turnout, there must have been 50 runners and walkers and a dog!

RUN 4 – 18th APRIL

Thank you to David Hurst and Spencer for organising this weeks Pub run from the Crown in Marnhull.
A brilliant turnout and lots eating in the pub afterwards.

RUN 3 – 11th APRIL

Tuesday’s run was from the Half Moon in Shaftesbury organised by Justin. A good turn out but shame about the the pouring rain!

RUN 2 – 4th APRIL

Thank you to Ines for organising a great run from The Thimble Inn, Piddlehinton on Tuesday It was great to be out in the warm sun for the first time this year.


Thank you to Lynda for organising our first 2023 Summer run, supported by many of you with lots enjoying a meal after a very muddy run in the Saxon Inn.


Thank you to Lynda for organising our first 2023 Summer run, supported by many of you with lots enjoying a meal after a very muddy run in the Saxon Inn.

2022 runs

Our Summer Runs in 2022 were pretty spectacular, and we would like to say a big thank you to Lynda and for everyone who put on a run. What beautiful scenery and wonderful views and friends we ran with.

We ran, up hills, along coastal paths, through woods, alongside lakes, had a lift on a train. We ate in lots of lovely pubs and restaurants, some we had been many times and also new places we have never been before. We enjoyed picnics on the coast, on farms, with horses, alpacas and even a fox! 

We also celebrated birthdays and life members, enjoyed members’ hospitality and even had fireworks.

Run 27 – 27th September. Our last summer run of 2022, organised by Lynda from Blandford, finishing with a group meal for 16 at Koh Gurkha. Thank you.

Run 26 – 20th September Organised by Ines, and was from the Royal Oak in Swallowcliffe. It was great to go somewhere where a lot of us had not been before.

Run 25 – 13th September Organised by Justin and was from Blandford, we in The Stour Inn afterwards and they are opened the pub specially for us.

Run 24 – 6th September organised by Lynda from the Cricketers in Shroton. It was a very wet evening!

Run 23 – 30th August was organised by Dave Hurst & Spencer and was from the White Horse at Hinton St. Mary. It was a great run, and the pub opened up specially for us and 30 of us had a good meal.

Sorry to say that we had very sad news that night, Chris Cussen suddenly passed away that morning. Our thoughts are with Sandy his wife and Emma his daughter.

Run 22 – 23rd August was organised by Wendy on her farm near Semley. Great views, lots of Alpacas and a surprise train trip in the middle. Some of us stayed for a picnic in the barn afterwards with Alpacas and donkeys for company. Thanks Wendy for a great night.

Run 21 – 16th August was from Fiddleford, organised by Angela.

Run 20 – 9th August was from Ham car park in Beautiful Blandford Vegas! The run was organised by Lucy and Suzanna, and took us on a wonderful woodland river run followed by a picnic on Ham Meadows!

Run 19 – 2nd August Matt organised a super run from Tyneham, finishing with a picnic with a fox.

Run 18 – 26th July was from Child Okeford. A great run organised by Tim Cotton and food at the Saxon afterwards.

Hambledon Hill Trigg Point

Run 17 – 19th July was from Stourhead. A great run organised by Amanda, with a picnic afterwards.

Run 16 – 12th July was from Okeford Hill, We had permission by the land owner to picnic by the beacon behind the fence, where the horses can’t reach us or did they? Great evening, thank you Carlos

Run 15 – 5th July was from the Fox at Ansty, thank you Lynda for an enjoyable run.

Run 14 –28th June – Thank you to Adam for a great run around Hammoon, Child Okeford and his farm. About 35 of us turned up for the run or walk and a few of us stayed afterwards and enjoyed a lovely picnic on the farm. 

Run 13 –21st June – Thank you to Dave Borrows for organising a great run on the coast from Worth Matravers. Good turn out and a lovely picnic afterwards. 

Run 12 –14th June – Thank you to Neil for organising a great run from Charlton Horethorne, finishing with 25 staying to eat at the THE KINGS ARMS 

Run 11 –7th June – John and Christine’s run was from Peter Waterer & Angela’s home at Pentridge Farm in Bagber. Thank you for hosting and for organising a lovely run with delicious food provided afterwards, and thanks to everyone else who contributed to the meal.

It was a bit of a special night, celebrating John’s birthday and awarding Life Memberships to Duncan Ray and Peter & Jenny Fuller for all they have done for the Doddlers. Thank you for the fireworks Peter.

Run 10 –31st May – Thank you to Damian for taking us on a fabulous run last night, and to Carlos for keeping an eye on those doing the short run. Great weather and fantastic views, plus excellent food in the Fontmell pub.

Run 9 – 24th May – Thanks to Graham Smith who took us on a beautiful route around Charlton Marshall, with some of the runners going through the river at the start, I think they got a bit wet! Food was at the Charlton Inn and very good and went down well afterwards.

RUN 8, 17th May – Another great Summer run from Fonthill Gifford, followed by a picnic on the cricket field – thank you to Ines & Martin for sharing this beautiful run with us.

RUN 7, 10th May – We had a very enjoyable run from the Hambro Arms in Milton Abbas last night. Well done to Laudra, Tony & Jackie (C25K) for organising their first Summer Run.

RUN 6, 3rd May – Justin organised another run, this one was from the Half Moon in Shaftesbury.

RUN 5, 26th April – Chris & John organised the run from Sturminster Newton, celebrating Dave Borrows 80th birthday with a meal at the White Hart.

RUN 4, 19th April – Justin organised a great run starting from the Ham in Blandford around Bryanston Estate and finishing with a meal at The Crown in Blandford.

RUN 3, 12th April – Spencer and Ian took us on a lovely run around Marnhull, finishing with a meal at The Crown

RUNS 1 & 2, 29th March & 5th April were from The Cricketers in Shroton, a great venue for the start of the season.

2021 runs

RUN 21, 5th October – Fitting in another Summer Run before the light went!   We met in the Trailway Carpark at 5.45pm in Sturminster Newton for a 6pm prompt start. Head torches were recommended.   Followed by a meal in the White Hart Alehouse.

RUN 20, 28th September – Last Summer Run of the season, we met in Marks & Spencer’s Car park in Blandford for a 6pm for a 6.15pm start for a very wet run. Followed by a meal in the Namaste Gurkha.

Thank you Lynda for organising such a wonderful Summer season of Tuesday runs.

RUN 19, 21st September – 6.15 for a 6.30 start. Run from the the Cricketer’s in Shroton, followed by a meal in the pub afterwards. Brilliant run, thanks Lynda

RUN 18, 14th September – Our run organiser was Tim Cotton and we met at Gold Hill Organic Farm in Child Okeford, by kind permission of Sara Cross. It was and earlier start of 6:30 pm for a sharp 6:45 pm start. Followed by a pub meal at the Saxon in.

RUN 17, 7th September – Brilliant run from Charlton Horethorne this week, thank you Neil, Jane and Annnabelle for organinsing.

RUN 16, 31st August – We had an excellent run from Melbury Abbas, followed by a pub meal in the Half Moon afterwards, thank you Paul

RUN 15, 24th August – Thank you Jane and Annabel for a lovely run from Rushmore Golf Club. We all enjoyed the run, even those on the short run who lost their way. The food in the clubhouse was excellent

RUN 14, 17th August – Amanda organised a lovely run around Stourhead, and a few of us had a picnic after the run.

RUN 13, 10th August – Angela organised a lovely run from Fiddleford Mill, finishing with a pub meal at the Fiddleford Inn.

RUN 12, 3rd August – Matt took us on an enjoyable run from Tyneham, finishing with a swim and a picnic at Worbarrow Bay. He very kindly packed up all our bags and picnics and took them down in his wheelbarrow, with help from Pat and crew.

RUN 11, 27th July – our Chairman, Dave Jackson organised the run this week from Mere in deepest Wiltshire. Great run, beautiful scenery, shame about the rain. We had a very enjoyable mill afterwards in The George, thank you Dave.

RUN 10, 20th July – a great run from the Fox at Ansty. No maps or route marking but Lynda and Stuart took the lead around the beautiful countryside and kept us on track. Arriving back at the pub to enjoy a meal outside as the weather was good. Thanks Lynda and Stuart.

RUN 9 – Organised by Carlos from Okeford Hill (Start of leg 3 of the Wessex Ridgeway). A great run with a choice of distances of 2.6m for walkers, 6m medium and 7.2m long. Click to see map, followed by a picnic for a few afterwards.

RUN 8Organised by Stuart Martin from Milborne Port. The meeting point was “Something Else Fishy” fish and chip shop – located on the main road (A30) at the eastern end of the village. 

RUN 7 – Damian organising the run from The Fontmell in Fontmell Magna. A great run but unfortunately the pub was closed and England were playing Germany. Good news England won!

RUN 6 – Dave Borrows organised the run from Worth Matravers. We met in the car park near the Square & Compass Pub and enjoyed a nice run or walk along the coast and some of us stayed to watch the sun go down with our picnics. Thanks Dave for a great night 

RUN 5 – Jamie Drennan is organising the run from Marcia’s Farm, Cafe Shack in Spetisbury. As they are opening just for us we need to keep the menu simple so its basically a choice of Cod and Chips, Scampi and Chips and Burger and chips. Veggie and Gluten options will be available. 

RUN 4 – JOHN & CHRISTINE’S RUN FROM STURMINSTER NEWTON. Meet in the Trail way car park. The run will be followed by a pub meal at The White Hart. 

RUN 3 – ADAM’S FARM IN HAMMOON, followed by a picnic

Thank you to Spencer and Ian for our lovely run around Marnhull and another splendid meal at The Crown afterwards.


Thank you to Lynda for organising our first post lockdown Summer run, supported by many of you with lots enjoying a meal (tables of no more than 6) in the Cricketers afterwards.

I think you will agree that we enjoyed our Summer runs in 2020…

I hope you all feel that you have benefitted from joining us on our Summer runs on Tuesday nights. It has not been entirely easy but we got out there and ran together when it was possible. Thanks to Lynda and Adam for their first year of organising, and everyone else who organised runs.

Summer Runs will hopefully be back in the Spring. Keep safe everyone.

See our Club Updates page for any further information. 

Thanks to Amanda for a great run from Stourhead on Tuesday 1st September

Our first Summer run was on Tuesday 4th August at Adam’s Farm in Hammoon, DT10 2DB. We enjoyed a 6ish mile run and a picnic afterwards in a field. It was great to see the Doddlers out again.

Please note that Lynda and Adam are organising the programme this year, so please get in touch if you need more details or would like to organise a run.

A few points to note…

Whilst there is no limit on group size nor any need to pre book attendance or indeed that attendees be paid up members of the club (though obviously we would like you to be), the run leader will be taking a register of names and contact details of those in attendance. These records will be retained for 3 weeks in case of any need to track and trace.

We are not expecting the routes to be marked so either stick close but not too close to someone who knows the route or navigate from the maps. 

Runners should come ready to run, carry a mask in case they need to assist an injured runner and not attend if they in any way feel unwell. It will be wonderful to see the Doddler Family running together once again. 

Well that was the last of our Tuesday Summer runs for this year (Tuesday 24th September 2019). Thank you Dave for organising it and for the curry at the Simla afterwards.

We are going to miss these runs/walks. A big thank you to Dave for co-ordinating them all, and for everyone who organised runs from various pubs around the county or from their homes. It has been a great year and below you will find a few photos from our 2019 summer runs.

Thanks Dave for organising the run from the Anchor Inn at Shapwick with Wimborne AC on 10th September and also this weeks run from the Fiddleford Inn.

Thank you Lynda for organising the run from The Fox at Ansty on 3rd September

Thank you to Adam for a lovely run and bbq from your Farm on 20th August

Thank you to Stacey for our run around the Martin Down Nature Reserve on 6th August

Thanks to Matt for a lovely run from Kimmeridge Bay on Tuesday 30th July

Our Tuesday run at the Seven Stars in East Bruton – thanks Dave for organising

The Brace of Pheasants with Lynda on 9th July

Thank you to Amanda for a lovely run around Stourhead on Tuesday 4th June

Thank you to Spencer for organising our run from the Crown in Marnhull. A nice sunny evening

Thanks to Jamie for organising our run at the Anvil in Pimperne on Tuesday 14th May

Thank you to Neil who organised the run on 7th May at Corton Denham – it was great to see so many of your Sherborne group running with us
A another good turn out from The Greyhound at Winterborne Kingston on 30th April

Our 3rd run of the season from the Cricketers in Shroton on 16th April

2nd run of the season from the Fiddleford Inn – 9th April

Summer Run from the Ham Car Park – 2nd April

A good turn out for the start of our Tuesday Summer Runs with runners, dogs and walkers. A bit cold and wet to start but cleared up and some of us enjoyed a meal at The Crown afterwards